Classroom Philosophy


Will Germain

EDC 240.01

Philosophy Statement



When we were told to take the small survey for class I did not expect to test into the category I did. I tested highest in the progressivism category. This philosophy is the belief that education should be child-centered rather than focused on the teacher or the content area. Wanting to be a math teacher this was the last philosophy I thought I would test into but after reading the article “What are Five Modern Philosophical Orientations to Teaching” I now see ways that I could use this in my classroom. Typically progressivism focuses on the student and their interests and math has never been most students’ favorite so of course it will be hard finding a way to get students interested in math and want to come to class and learn. The next philosophy that I tested into was behaviorism. Behaviorism is based on the principle that desirable human behavior can be the product of design rather than accident. I feel like this would be something I would want for my classroom. This philosophy would help my classroom run smoothly and help it stay organized. According to behaviorists, it is an illusion to say that humans have a free will. Although we may act as if we are free, our behavior is really determined by forces in the environment that shapes our behavior. I believe that you must have a behaved class for your class to run smoothly but you must also teach things your students are interested in. if you make sure your students are interested in the information your teaching they will be willing to learn and that is what every teacher strives for. The hard part of teaching is that you must also teach what is required by the state and keep your students interested. Most students ask all the time what will they ever use some of the forms of math taught in math classes for and teaching the state requirements doesn’t help. Today’s kids are much different than when I grew up. Todays kids are more into drugs and don’t focus on their schoolwork. Last year when I was doing my observation at St. Louis Public Schools I noticed that most of the students did not turn in their work, they did not use their time wisely in class and were for the most part very unfocused when the teacher was giving her lesson. I believe this is because the students do not find the class exciting and just do not want to be there. To have a successful class your students have to be interesting in what you’re teaching and must be involved in what you’re teaching. The students must learn and be taught things that will help them in their future. Kids today are much different than students 50 years ago so they must be taught things that will help them be successful in life now. Being a math teacher however I must teach what the state requires me to teach so I must cover that and what the students need later if life. My little brother took a senior math class in which they taught him to do taxes and his mortgage and things of that nature. I believe that all students must learn how to do this before they graduate high school or at least college so they are prepared for life on their own. This class may be taught as an elective so that some students may take it but I feel it would be more effective if it were a class in which students were required to take it. Your classroom must be calm and organized so that it runs smoothly and your students stay focused. If you have one or more students misbehave it can throw your whole lesson off ending student-learning right there. I feel like having workbooks for students to work in and follow along would be most effective. If you assign students work in the workbook you can have them finish it and bring it to class the next day finished and you can check it and go over it to make sure they all have it done. They can write questions on the board that they want help with. Having this workbook and using a projector would make guided practice much easier and you could walk the room while they do the individual practice. The classroom must be friendly and inviting so that students don’t carry any stress in your room. Having posters on the walls can be good but they cant be to crazy that they distract your students all class long. Having a desk long enough for students to come up and get help is also a must. If your students are afraid to approach your desk and get help how can you expect them to pass your class? I feel if your students think you’re approachable they will enjoy coming to your class and will look forward to it each day. The purpose of your class is to teach your students the things they need to be successful later in life. You must realize that all students can learn and that they are coming to you for you to teach them. You are there for them not the other way around. These philosophies I have tested into will help me manage my class in a way that will help me be a successful teacher. Without these two philosophies I might now be able to be the best teacher I know my students deserve. Progressivism will be hard to incorporate into a math course but I have plenty of time to work it into my lesson plan as well as behaviorism, which will be less difficult.