Management Plan


Will Germain


EDC 240.01




Classroom Management Plan










Classroom Rules and Consequences



  1. Respect all students and teachers in and outside of the classroom.
  2. Take responsibility for you actions in class.
  3. Come prepared for each class.
  • Bring all materials and assignments
  1. Be efficient with every minute in class.
  • Stay focused during the lesson
  • Work on class assignment until I have dismissed you at the bell.
  1. Follow all rules established in the student handbook.


Consequences of not following these rules:

  1. First offense: verbal warning
  2. Second offense: meet with student
  3. Third offense: detention and parent notification
  4. Forth offense: student -principle-teacher conference
  5. Fifth offense: removal from class


I believe the students should get a say in the consequences they face for failing to follow class guidelines. On the first day of class I will ask students how consequences should be handed out for each offense. If they’re response are mature I will take them into consideration when disciplining misbehavior.

Classroom Management and Organization


Management and Organization

  • Classroom rules and consequences will be posted on the wall behind my desk at all times.
  • I will assign a seating chart the first week of class. Depending on how class behaves seating chart might change frequently to ensure best learning environment.
  • Students will be informed on classroom procedures during the first few days of the new school year.
  • All classroom assignments and activities will be designed with the best possible education for the students in mind, as well as the most interesting and interactive.
  • To ensure that no one misbehaves the class will start at the bell and end when dismissed by the teacher.
  • The class shall be based around a set of goals that are to be met, which are specifically aligned with the state of Michigan standards. All assignments, quizzes and tests will be geared to measure this achievement.


The teacher shall:

  • Come to class prepared every day.
  • Show respect to all students.
  • Convey interest and enthusiasm with all class content.
  • Meet all educational needs for each student.
  • Be able to help students at extra-curricular times.


The student shall:

  • Respect all classroom rules set by teacher.
  • Be prepared for class with all materials each day.
  • Be willing to learn what is being taught.
  • Give their best effort each day.



  • All students will be in their seats when the bell rings with all materials out. This includes previous days homework, calculator, pencil and other essential items. Entering class late will result in a tardy. The handbook will be looked when deciding consequences for being tardy.
  • At the beginning of each class the students will put any problems they had difficulty with on the board nearest the door. After answering any questions about yesterday’s homework the students will begin their “bell ringer.” The “bell ringer” will be a few problems from the prior days lesson.
  • The day’s agenda will be up on the board via projector. This will allow the students to get all necessary materials out on their desk.
  • At the beginning of the year I will let the students know that all homework will be posted on Moodle and it is their responsibility to check everyday and complete the homework.
  • Students will stay busy at work the entire class period until dismissed by the teacher.
  • Each student will be given three hall paces at the beginning of the year. After the hall passes are used up the students will not be aloud to leave unless it is an absolute emergence. For each hall pass the student still has at the end of the semester they will be awarded 3 points of extra credit. I will keep a record of all hall passes used by each student to ensure hall passes are not stolen.
  • During labs or other group activates groups will be decided by the teacher. Also all class rules will be followed.


For a class to run smoothly they must have a very good set of procedures. Your class should have fewer rules than procedures. If procedures are set up quickly and the class follows them you will very rarely have to take care of misbehavior.

Classroom Discipline Beliefs


Minor Disruptions

         To deal with a small disruption I will ignore it at first as long as it is minor and brief. If it continues I will give the students a look as if saying “I’m on to you guys, please knock it off.” Most minor misbehaviors take care of them selves but if I have to intervene I will.  If I have to step in and use a verbal warning I will but only as a last resort for a minor misbehavior.


On-going Discipline Issues

         To deal with an on-going disruptions I will call the student out into the hallway or keep them after class. I will also call the parent(s) of the student if necessary. Hopefully the parent(s) will help take care of the problem or give ways that might work to help me take care of it. If it continues to be a problem I will call the parent(s) for a conference and come up with a plan to help take care of the problem. When a plan is decided upon all parties will sign it to ensure all carry out the plan.


Aggressive and Violent Behaviors

         In the event of a violent or aggressive behavior I will try and calmly get all involved out of the room and away from the situation and peers. A safe place would be best such as the guidance counselor’s office. Being my size I would I would not always need the assistance of another staff member but I would call for assistance just to help keep the students separated if a fight were to break out. While I take the student to the office to help them calm down I would ask another staff member to watch my classroom until I returned. If administration hadn’t already arrived to take the student to the office I would walk them down myself to ensure nothing else happened as the student made their way down.