What's going on in Mrs. Willhite's Room?

Week of 9/24


We are studying inferencing.  We have been reading different texts and are learning the forumla to help us infer.

What I read + What I already know = What I can infer


We are starting our Literature Circles. I have introduced this process to them and the students seem to be enjoying the collaboration.  We have learned that groups will consist of Discussion Director, Predictor, Questioner, Clarifier, and a Summarizer.  We are using The Chicken Sisters as a realoud to help us intergrate this new classroom strategy.  

Social Studies

In Social Studies we have finished Absolute/Relative Locations and are now learning about the 3 regions of North Carolina.  The students created a foldable and they have listed, landforms, bodies of water, natural resources, and culture.  They will be using this information later this week to create a brochure.  I will keep the brochure at school to use as an assessment tool.