Mr. Hogan's Technology Rules


Technology Usage Rules

1. Students may only visit internet sites that are approved by the teacher.

2.  Students are not allowed to give out any personal information about themselves or others.

3.  Students are to alert the teacher if something inappropriate shows up on their computer.  Our school system has filters but sometimes things slip through.

4.  Downloads are not allowed unless approved by the teacher. This will help keep viruses and other damages to the equipment.

5.  Students can only print if they have prior approval by the teacher or media specialist.

6.  Safety settings cannot be changed.  

7.  Students must leave the computer station as they found it.  

8.  Students must use the equipment properly (no slamming or excessive clicking). No food or drink is allowed in the workstation area.

9.  Students' personal cellphones may be used with approval by the teacher and only for the intended purpose.


Social Media Rules