Technology Usage Agreement

Technology Usage Agreement

The proper use of the HCBOE school distruct network, the Internet, and the educational value to be gained from the proper use of these is the joint responsibility of students, parents, and employees of the school district.  The Acceptable Usage Policy form must be read and signed by the user and their parent or guardian.  This form will be kept on file in the office.  The use of technology resources is a privilige.  Guidelines are provided to make all users aware of the responsibilities associated with the efficient, ethical, and lawful use of technology resources. If a person violates any of the guidelines provided, priviliges may be terminated, access denied, and appropriate disciplinary action applied.  (Please see code of conduct regarding violations and consequences.)  

Student Responsibilities

-Use computer/devices in a responsible and ethical manner

-Follow the guidelines within this document.

-Report to building administrator any email containing iappropriate or abusive language or it the subject matter is questionable.

-Students are prohibited from plagiarizing content including words or images, from the internet.

-Research conducted via the internet should be appropriately cited, giving credit to the original authors.

-Students should not use the school network for illegal activities including copyright and/or license violations.

-Students should not access/use websites that are deemed inappropriate for school.

-Students should not vandalize equipment or access the network inappropriately (hacking, viruses).  Also unauthorized aceess is strictly prohibited.

-Students are not allowed to invade the privacy of individuals or allow/use another person's login/passwork to access the network.

-Students are not allowed to participate in any type of cyber bullying.

-Students are not allowed to access websites or apps blocked by the network filter or without permission of the teacher.


Parent Responsibilities

-Discuss with your child the value and standard you expect your child to follow with regard to use and care of devices, the internet, and all other use of media information sources.

-The parents release HCBOE and its personnel from any and all claims and damages of claims that may arise from the unauthorized use of a device.

-The parents understand that it is impossible for HCBOE to restrict access  to all controversial materials and will not hold the school responsible for materials accessed on the network (any inappropriate access should be reported to site administration).

***By signing the policy, I agree and understand the policies of this school system regarding technology usage.***


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