Williams' World

Week of August 17-21, 2009

Homeroom News

*Remember to check blue "Take-Home" folder daily.

*Please sign behavior chart and return in blue folder each day.

*Agenda Mates will be sent home starting this week.  Homework assignments are written in these on a daily basis.   Please check this daily & sign as well.

*Please send any gently used family board games that you are no longer using so that we can have fun things to do when we have rainy day recess.  Thank you!

*3rd Grade Orientation will be this Thursday, August 20th at 6:00 p.m.  See you there!

*We had a great first week of school!  I am looking forward to many wonderful times ahead!

Love, Ms. Williams

Homework for Week of August 17-21

Math Homework

Monday 8/17 - No homework, but the Home Link booklet will be sent home today so please put it in a safe place to pull assigned Math homework pages from during the weeks to come.  Read the Family Letter from Unit 1.  Remember each week's Home Links are due on Fridays (or the last day of the week).  Each page needs to be labeled w/ 1st & last name, date, and time done. Please staple in order.

Tuesday 8/18 - Home Link 1.1      *Also, please bring 1 parent-approved object/picture with numbers on it TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY 8/19 to display in our Numbers Museum

Wednesday 8/19 - Home Link 1.2

Thursday 8/20 - Home Link 1.3    * Also, the Student Reference Book (SRB) will be sent home today to help w/ homework and needs to be sent back to school everyday so that we can use it in class as well.

All Home Links are due Friday August 21st

Spelling Homework

Monday 8/17 - Take spelling words out of ziplock bag and sort under header cards (these are the words that are underlined).

Tuesday 8/18 - Speed sort the spelling words.

Wednesday 8/19 - Do a Word Hunt:  look for words with the spelling patterns being studied in current reading material.

Thursday 8/20 - Practice Test:  write the header words across the top of a paper & have a family member call out spelling words.  Write them under the correct header word and spell correctly.

Spelling Test is on Friday, August 21st

Cursive Handwriting Homework

Thursday 8/20 -  Pages 1-5 in the Beginning Cursive workbook.  The letters to be practiced are:  a d c o g q n m v x.  Your child has a week to complete the assigned pages.  The workbook (with required pages completed) is due next Thursday, August 27th.