Below is a copy of the 6th grade math syllabus.  Included in the syllabus are expectations, rules and procedures.


Mrs. Williams

6th Grade Math Syllabus


Classroom Rules

  1. Follow all school and district rules.
  2. Always come to class prepared.
  • binder
  • sharpened pencil
  • paper

       3. Be respectful of those around you.

      4.  Be responsible.
      5. Before the bell rings:

  • gather all of your materials from the materials table ( this includes your math journal)
  • begin copying down the standard(s), I can statement, and date on journal days
  • begin working on bellringer on journal days
  • make sure your pencil is sharpened
    When the bell rings:
  • be in your seat and ready to start class


  1. All daily materials will be on the materials table.  These materials need to be picked up as soon as you arrive to class.  You also need to pick up your journal from the appropriate crate.
  2. All of your returned work will need to be organized in a 3 ring binder.
  3. You will be assigned a number that will change periodically.  This number will tell you where you sit and will be used for grouping.
  4. Have your pencil(s) sharpened before the bell rings.  If you borrow a pencil from me, please return it when class is over.
  5. Raise your hand and wait to be called on by me before speaking during class unless otherwise directed.
  6. Keep your desk and the area around your desk clean.  Throw away any trash at the end of class.

Consequences for not following classroom rules and procedures

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Infractions
  3. Calls/notes sent home
  4. Office referral

 Rewards for following classroom rules and procedures

  1. Verbal praise
  2. Calls/notes sent home
  3. Candy/prizes


  1. Assignments are to be turned in on time.  Points will be taken off assignments that are late.
  2. You are responsible for making up any work missed during an absence.  All assignments will be on the school website and/or the board.  Daily assignments (worksheets, activities, etc.) can be found in the missing work crate.
  3. You will bring a composition book that will serve as your math journal.  It is your responsibility to keep up with it.  Your journal is a major part of your grade and will be checked regularly.  If you are absent, you will need to get the notes that you missed from a peer.  The materials used for journal entries can be found in the missing work crate.  We will take quizzes that require you to use information from your journal.  Each journal entry should include the daily standard, I can statement, date, and notes. 
  4. Always come to class prepared.  You should always have your planner, a sharpened pencil with an eraser, and extra paper.
  5. You should fill out your planner as soon as you come to class.
  6. Unless there is an emergency, there will be no restroom breaks taken during class.  Use your 4 minute breaks between classes wisely.
  7. Read the daily agenda as soon as you get to class.  We will regularly have bell ringers that will need to be completed in your math journal.
  8. Failure and not completing your work is not an option.  Always do your best and ask for help anytime you do not understand something.


Formative assignments (quizzes, homework, class work, group work, etc.) will account for 30% of your grade.

Summative assignments (tests, math journal, projects) will account for 70% of your grade.


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