Spelling lists have been uploaded to Spelling City.  Students have access using their N number and Pin numbers for Usernames and Passwords.  Here is the website:

I have assigned activities for the students to complete for classwork and possible at home practice activities to prepare for tests.

Please let me know if the students are unable to sign in as I had to hand type in their information.

Spelling City



Reading instruction is taught at a fourth grade level using a variety of resources including: McGraw-Hill’s Reading Wonders,  and various trade books/periodicals on accelerated levels.


Accelerated Reader (AR)

Students will be expected to earn 12 points on the Accelerated Reader Program for the first quarter, 13 points for second quarter, 14 for third quarter, and 15 for the fourth quarter. Students who make their quarterly goals and maintain a minimum of 80% comprehension will receive a quarterly reward. Additionally, if your child meets all of his/her quarterly AR point requirements, maintains a cumulative average of 80% comprehension or above, and has received no referrals, he/she will be invited to attend our annual AR Sleepover at the end of the year. Points MUST be acquired quarterly, not cumulatively. Your child should be reading minimally for 20 minutes nightly. During the first quarter, your child will be expected to be selecting reading books at a minimum of 3.5 reading level, unless otherwise directed by teacher. Any points accumulated below this level will NOT count toward his/her quarterly requirements. During the remainder of the year, the minimum reading level will be increased to 4.0. The percentage of points accumulated and comprehension accuracy will be figured into your child’s reading grade. Books on tape or books read aloud at home are not allowed as we want your child to be an independent, fluent, and avid reader.