Ms. Wilson's Third Grade

Welcome to the Third Grade.  My name is Alicia Wilson, and I will be your teacher for 2011-2012.  I want this year to be a great experience.  We will work hard, have fun while learning, and explore new adventures together. 





All About Me:  Alicia Wilson, age 47, born in Beaumont, Texas

                       I am single.  I have 3 grown children, Faith, Tristan and Tyler.  I also have 2 precious granddaughter's, Carlee and Allison.  I have been teaching for 15 years and love it!  I am also the Jefferson Patriots Basketball Coach.  

Some of my Favorites:  color -    purple                                     movie -  "Dirty Dancing" and "Gone With the Wind"

                                     drink -    Dt. Coke                                 hobbies - swimming, working jigsaw puzzles and facebook

                                     restaurant - The Purple Cow