Q2 Science

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Oct 17-21

Read Chapter 1-1

Take Partner Notes

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Review Notes

Make Models

Parent/Teacher Conferences


Finish Models


11:30 Dismissal

Fall Packet

Parent/Teacher Conferences

No school
Oct 24-28 No School

Level Reward Day

Jack Kilby Science Day

Grade Quiz 1

Directed Reading pg 1-2 Due

Organize Notebook

Vocab Ch1-2

Finish Vocab

Partner Read/Take notes-Section2

Rubber Band Activity

Review Notes

Quick Lab if time

Oct 31- Nov 4

Review Notes

Hand out Study Guide for Chapter Test

Quick Lab

Section Review

Directed Reading pg 3-4

Review for quiz if time

Directed Reading Due

Chapter 1-2 quiz

Begin Chapter 1-3 Vocab
Nov 7-11

Read Chapter 1, Section 3

Plan Presentation with group

Work on Presentation

Directed Reading when time

Counselors in for presentation

Directed Reading Due

Group Presentation

Quick quiz over presentations

AM/FM Radio Activity

Nov 14-18

Directed Reading pg 5-6

Vocab Activity

Section Review pg 19 (#1-10)

Complete Presentations

Review vocabulary worksheet

Review Vocabulary

Hand in remaining worksheets

Vocab quiz Ch1-3

Skills practice lab

Chapter Test Review

Chapter 1 Test
Nov 21-25

Time to finish test

Finish Core Lab Reports

Due by 4:00 Today!

Turkey Packets No School No School No School
Nov 28-Dec 2

Hand back chapter test- Corrections due by Thursday

Introduce new chapter

Review objectives, create concept chart

Complete vocab word for this section

Reach Ch2-1 pg 30-31

Tuning Fork Lab

Read Sound and Medium

Take Notes

Continue reading section

Ear Activites

Completed Reading

Review Ear

Scilinks activity

Review Ear

Dec 5-9

Directed Reading pg 1

Review DR as class

Review for quiz tomorrow

Chapter 2-1 Quiz

Begin Vocab for Ch2-2

Read Ch 2-2 and take notes

Read Ch 2-2 and take notes

Quick Lab if time

Communities that Care Survey
Dec 12-16

Directed Reading worksheet pg 4-6

Vocab Worksheet

Review Worksheets/Hand in

Reivew Ch 2-2


Ch 2-2 Quiz

Vocab flash cards, Ch 2-3

Start reading Ch 2-3 if time

Read Ch 2-3 as class, pg 42-47

Take Notes


Directed Reading pg 7-8

Dec 19-23

Catch Up day

Review for quiz Ch 2-3

Quiz over Ch 2-3

Hand in Directed Reading pg 7-8

Finish Quiz for Ch 2-3

End of Q2

Xmas Packet

Last day to turn in missing work

No School No School