Q3 Science










Jan 2-Jan 6

No School

No School

Hand out Study Guide for Ch Test

Read Ch 2-4 Take Notes

DR pg 9-10

Quiz tomorrow

Review Notes

Open Note quiz CH 2-4

DR Due

Review Sections 1 & 2 of Ch 2

Jan 9-Jan 13

Review Sections 3 &4 of Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Test

Career Fair at HS in AM

Level Rewards Day

Begin new unit: Electricity

Ch 1: Intro

Vocab Flash Cards

Winter Homecoming

Read Ch 1-1 Take notes as class (pg 4-11)

Jan 16-Jan 20


 Ch 1-1 Reading/Notes

Hand back CH 2Test, Corrections due Friday

Read/Notes for CH 1-1

Read/Notes for CH 1-1

Find Someone Who/Directed Reading

Test Corrections Due

Ch 1-1 quiz

Begin CH 1-2

Jan 23-Jan 27

Work on Ch 1-2 with group

Read assigned pages and present information to class

Finish Presentation

Begin Presenting information

Finish Presenting information

DR pg 5-8

Section Review

Ch 1-2 Quiz

Begin next section Ch 1-3

Jan 30-Feb 3

Discuss/Notes over Ch 1-3

Begin Reading Ch 1-4

Finish Notes

Review information-

DR pg 11-13

(due tomorrow)

DR reading due today

Circuit Lab

1-4 quiz

Begin reviewing for chapter test  (2/7)

Feb 6-Feb 10

Class review of chapter 1

Chapter 1 test

George Washington Carver Video:

G.W. Carver worksheet

Video over cell theory:

Write 15 important facts

Catch Up day

Feb 13-Feb 17

Parent/Teacher Conferences (5-8 pm)

Ch 1 Test Returned

KWL Chart

Cell Theory Foldable


Conferences (5-8 pm)

Notes/Foldable over Cell theory

Is seeing believing lab?


11:30 Dismissal

Conferences (12:30-3:30)

5 second rule video

No school

Feb 20-Feb 24

No school

Finish Prokaryotes vs Eukaryotes

Review worksheet


Microscope Lab

Worksheet Due

Ch 1-1 Quiz

Eukaryotic Cells- Plant/Animal Cell

Plant/Animal Cells

Introduce Cell Model Project

Feb 27-Mar 2

Take Notes

Take Notes

Introduce Cell Project

Work on Cell Model Project

Cell Model Project Due Today


Introduce Widget

Cell City Analogy


Mar 5-Mar 9

Widget Due

Plant/Animal quiz online

New Section Photosynthesis


Cell Respiration


Cell Respiration

11:30 Dismissal

End of 3rd nine weeks