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Lion King is the video game adaptation of Disney’s movie of the same name, developed by Westwood Studios and distributed by Virgin Interactive Entertainment in 1994. The game was available for several platforms, including Amiga and DOS.

Game Review

In the game, you play through the plot as Simba, the cub from cub to the king. It begins the same as the film, with Simba first a cub, the son of King Mufasa. When his uncle Scar notices that his brother has risen instead, he plots to usurp Simba’s kingdom. Scar ultimately kills Mufasa (I cry every time I watch the movie) and exiles little Simba from his home.

Simba must grow up fast and become stronger so he can reclaim his rightful throne one day and marry his cousin (Nala is his cousin). Simba starts out being able to jump and roar, but as he grows, he learns more skills and moves.

Game Features

This game features graphics drawn by Disney animators and songs adapted from the original movie soundtrack. It is a highly challenging game that requires a good deal of skill.

Additionally, the game won multiple awards, including Best Genesis Game, Best Genesis Action Game, and Best Dexterity Game. So if you’re looking to relive some childhood magic, try it.

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