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The mobile revolution is having a significant impact on enterprises and modern businesses. Smartphones and tablets, in fact, have become an indispensable part of enterprises since they help the workforce to be productive and quick.

So, if you are thinking of establishing your presence using mobile development services of a reputed mobile app development company, you must first decide whether you choose to create a mobile site or an app instead. Of course, you can opt for both the choices as well, but it can prove a costly deal and can be time-consuming.

Remember, if you are developing a mobile presence for the first time, then creating a mobile website is usually the first step you need to follow. On the contrary, a mobile app befits the need for building a particular enterprise application.

Also, developing an app and testing it on multiple browsers and platforms can be exhaustive than creating a site optimized for mobile use. And, you need to possess a more specialized skill-set when it comes to writing code for mobile applications compared to coding for mobile sites.

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To help you make a wise decision, the article will provide useful insight into both a mobile website as well as a mobile app.

What is a Mobile Website and Why You Need It?

A mobile site is not much different from any standard internet site. Just like any other site, you can display text, images, etc. via your mobile website as well. The only significant difference between a site built specifically for mobile users and a typical site is the size. In short, a mobile-optimized website for your enterprise is made for small-size display screens. As soon as a user accesses your site’s URL on a mobile device, the viewer will automatically get redirected to the mobile version of your site.

Benefits of Using a Mobile Site For Enterprise

  • Since a mobile-friendly website can be accessed across all of your devices, you don’t have to waste any time and money in creating and maintaining a separate theme design for your site. Rather, you’ll get enough time and a good budget to handle other critical tasks for your enterprise. However, a native app needs to be coded for each mobile operating system separately.
  • A mobile site can include features like a native application. That means users get to enjoy the benefits of both a website and an app, which helps boost UX (User Experience).
  • Upgrading a mobile site is easier in comparison to a mobile application. When you want to make alterations to a mobile site’s design or content, you need to publish all the edit you have done just once, and the changes will become visible instantly. On the other hand, to make updates available to users requires you to download the app and to update it for each device.

What is a Mobile App and Why It Is Needed?

Mobile application is the one that runs on any smartphone or a tablet. Instead of rendering it within a browser, an application needs to be downloaded from an app store. The application fetches data from the web just like a website, however, it also downloads content that can be accessed even without network connectivity.

Benefits of Using a Mobile App For Enterprise

  • With a mobile app, your enterprise workers can easily access the needed data anywhere, at any time.
  • The employees can view content via your enterprise mobile app without an Internet connection as well (i.e. in the offline mode).
  • An app is perfect for customers who want more personalized experience in accessing your company data. For instance, an app offers personalized alerts to make users aware of any special offer.

Wrapping Up

A lot has been said about “mobile website vs. mobile applications”. But the war will apparently continue for start-ups and organizations interested in building their mobile presence. Remember, if your aim is to deliver more content to users and would wish to expand your mobile presence in a cost-effective manner, then building a mobile website for your enterprise makes sense. In contrary, when you need to enhance the user experience by providing them with only required information, then a mobile app will best fit your needs.