5th Grade Skills of Inquiry

Skills of Inquiry, Experimentation and Design Goals Grade 5 


Ask questions and make predictions that can be tested.Select and use appropriate tools and technology (e.g. calculators, computers, balance, scales, meter sticks, graduated cylinder) in order to extend observations. Keep accurate records while conducting simple experiments or investigations.
Conduct multiple trials to test a prediction.  Compare the results of an investigation or experiment with the prediction.Recognize simple patterns in data and use data to create a reasonable explanation for the results of an investigation or experiment.Record data and communicate findings to others using graphs, charts, maps, models, and oral and written reports.

 Science Toolbox:             

Using a Microscope                           Making a Bar Graph           

Using a Calculator                              Finding an Average 

Using a Tape Measure or Ruler       Measuring Volume            

Using a Thermometer                       Using a Balance    

Using an Equation or Formula        Making a Chart to Organize Data    

Reading a Circle Graph                     Making a Line Graph       

Measuring Elapsed Time                  Measurements (metric and customary)