6th and 7th Grade Skills of Inquiry

Skills of Inquiry, Experimentation and Design Goals Grade 6 and Grade 7 
Formulate a testable hypothesis.Design and conduct an experiment specifying variables to be changed, controlled and measured.Select appropriate tools and technology (e.g. calculators, computers, thermometers, meter sticks, balances, graduated cylinders, and microscopes), and make quantitative observations.
Present and explain data and findings using multiple representations, including tables, graphs, mathematical and physical models, and demonstrations.Draw conclusions based on data or evidence presented in tables or graphs, and make inferences based on patterns or trends in the data.Communicate procedures and results using appropriate science and technology terminology.

 Science Toolbox:             

Using a Microscope                           Making a Bar Graph         

Using a Calculator                             Finding an Average           

Using a Tape Measure or Ruler       Measuring Volume           

Using a Thermometer                       Using a Balance           

Using an Equation or Formula        Making a Chart to Organize Data           

Reading a Circle Graph                     Making a Line Graph           

Finding Range, Median, and Mode  Using a Spring Scale           

Measuring Elapsed Time                  Measurements (metric and customary)