Period 6

Rules for Mr. Leblanc’s Physical Education Class  


1.      To improve students’ cardiovascular fitness, strength, and flexibility.

2.      To give students an opportunity to play and learn about a variety of sports.

3.      To teach students how to work as a team in a competitive situation.

  Required Dress 

1.      Students are expected to change into PE attire everyday even if their activity has been restricted (i.e., with a note from a doctor, nurse, or parent).  Proper attire includes a Mountain Empire PE uniform, which can be purchased for $16 ($10 for shorts, $6 for a T-shirt), or black shorts and a white T-shirt.  Sweatpants and a sweatshirt or jacket may be worn on cold days.  Students must also wear non-marking tennis or running shoes. 

 Locks and Lockers 

  1. Students will be issued school locks and lockers.  Each student is responsible for his or her lock.  There is a $5 replacement cost.
  2. Do not share your locker.
  3. Large street lockers may be used during your class period only (for items that will not fit in your assigned locker).
  4. Locks brought from home or school issued locks locked on another student’s locker or on a large locker will be taken off.


Horse play and overly aggressive behavior while playing sports in class is dangerous and will not be tolerated. 


  1. Students are expected to be punctual which means being at their roll call spot within five (5) minutes of the tardy bell.
  2. Students will be given eight (8) minutes to shower, dress, and return to their roll call spot at the end of the period.  Although towels are not provided, we recommend that students shower after class because hygiene is important.
  3. Aerosol deodorants, such as Axe and Lynx, are prohibited at school.  Students must bring a roll-on or non-aerosol pump deodorant.
  4. Students are expected to use the restroom before class.
  5. Students are expected to use appropriate language. 
  6. Consequences – Failure to follow the above rules will normally result in detention.  Repeated or more serious violations will result in parent notification and/or administrative discipline (such as Saturday School, in-school suspension, and social probation).

  The California Fitness Test 

The California Fitness Test is a very important part of the physical education program because students are required to take physical education for all four years of high school if they fail to pass the test in their freshmen year.  A student must pass at least five (5) of the six (6) elements that compose the California Fitness Test in order to pass the test.  The six elements included in the test are (1) the mile run, (2) percent body fat, (3) curl-ups (i.e., a type of sit-up), (4) the trunk lift, (5) push-ups, and (6) the sit and reach.  Students will have ample opportunity in class to prepare for the test.  In a typical week, students will work on their running at least three days a week and on their strength and flexibility at least twice a week.  In order to improve their cardiovascular fitness and prepare for the mile run portion of the test, students do at least 20 minutes of aerobic running on Mondays and Wednesdays (e.g., cross-country laps) plus anaerobic running three days of the week when they play various games. Friday is generally set aside for a game that involves a lot of running, such as capture the flag, basketball, soccer, or hockey.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, students do sit-ups, curl-ups, core exercises, and stretching in order to prepare for elements 3-6 of the fitness test.  Students are encouraged to do extra work at home if they are weak in any area(s) of the test.  For example, a student is encouraged to run on his or her own after school if he or she is unable to pass the mile run as long as he or she has a safe place to do so.  Another option would be to join an after-school sports team that emphasizes aerobic running, such as cross-country running, track and field, or soccer.


Academic Policies


1.      Attendance – is essential to improving one’s fitness and athletic ability as well as to passing the class.  Any student who has ten or more unexcused absences or more than 30 total absences in one semester will receive no credit as per school board policy. 

2.      Grading – Your weekly grade will be based on your participation in physical fitness activities (i.e., running, strength training, and stretching) and the various sports that are played.  Students may earn a maximum of two points per day if they arrive on time, are dressed in the proper uniform, and participate in the fitness training and sports played.  Points are deducted for failure to follow these directions.  Ten points per week are available.

3.      Non-suits (i.e., failing to dress properly for class) – One unexcused non-suit is forgiven per semester.  However, subsequent non-suits lower the student’s grade and result in administrative discipline. 

4.      Fitness Testing – 20% of a student’s grade in the class will be based on his or her performance on the California Fitness Test. 

   Medical Considerations 

1.      Medical excuses must be accompanied with a note (on the same day) from a parent, nurse, or doctor.  Notes from parents are good for a maximum of three days.  After three days, a doctor’s note is required.

2.      You are expected to dress out for your physical education class everyday, even if your activity is to be restricted, or if you have a note from your parents.

3.      Report any injuries to your teacher immediately.  Accidents not reported cannot be covered by school insurance.  Only those referred to a doctor by the school nurse will have their bills covered by the school insurance.  Students who go to the doctor on their own without reporting their injury or visiting the school nurse are responsible for their own medical bills.

 Grading Scheme 

Daily effort on games35%
Daily effort on physical fitness35%
Class work 10%
Fitness Test20%


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