Pre-Kindergarten News

Dear Parents,

                                 February will be a very busy month. We will finish the theme on Animals.  The next theme will be "Construction Zone". This includes simple machines and equipment, building tools and building the alphabet.  We will discuss school tools, home tools and tools of some community workers. Valentine's Day and the Post Office will be part of this month's activities. We will set up a Post Office in our classroom. This will encourage and give your child opportunities to write and use play money and calculators to pay for items at the Post Office. If your child is bringing inValentines Day cards make sure their name is on every card to be handed out. There are 21 students in the class room. We will open our Valentines on Thursday, February 11. 

February is Black History Month Children will learn about these famous Americans through literature, poetry, sign language and art projects.  We will discuss Garrett Morgan and the traffic light and Benjamin Banneker and the clock.  Learning about Harriet Tubman and Matthew Henson will support the use of a map and globe in Social Studies. 

Our literacy groups will concentrate on writing and the sounds of letters. We will begin to blend letters, read word families and recognize sight words. Continue to help your child bring something to school for our letter each week.  Have your child name the letter and make the sound of the letter. We will focus on the letters Zz, Bb and Mm this month. 

In math, we will continue to focus on measurement and money.  We will measure small items with one-inch squares and large items with a ruler.  We will learn the vocabulary used to discuss the size of objects. 

Dates to Remember


February 3   -   Letter Zz

February 11  -  Letter Bb

February 11  -  Valentine's Day Activities 

February 12  -  Professional Development for teachers (No school for students.)

February 15  -  School is closed for President’s Day.

February 23  -  Letter Mm