fabric minecraft Mod version: 1.14.4 - 1.15.1 - 1.15.2 - 1.16.5 - 1.17

Fabric is both an API as well as a modloader which is developed in parallel with Minecraft snapshots in order to take advantage of the Minecraft community mods as early as possible . This was created on December 10, 2018 and is mainly developed by asiekierka and modmuss50.

While Minecraft Forge is only released in stable versions after several months of updating, Fabric stands out in being available quickly and allows developers to develop or update their mods from the first snapshots of Minecraft as well as the final versions of the game.

Introduction about fabric API mods:

The addition of the Fabric version has become extremely necessary and highly anticipated by players. This mod has been improved to help players create a series of blocks to conceal themselves in their surroundings, making it easy to hide and go undetected. Also, fabric API mods also provide a lot of interesting functions for these blocks, for example hiding diamonds, setting traps, and more. You can create extremely creative environments by building multiple platforms, bases, and even traps through the use of this mod’s camouflage blocks.

This API also contains a special visual design for some of the additional tools needed to correctly display the list of mods, information about mod changes, and feedback from add-on developers. fig. Basically Fabric has a simpler core in Forge, but this should be enough to make changes to vanilla Minecraft and add some new features.

The Fabric API can be seen as a core library for the most common hooks and interoperability measures used by mods using the Fabric toolchain. Also great for multiplayer is that more information and full installation instructions can be found on the Fabric website, and support can be found on Fabric servers easily. 

Fabric API mods fun features and experiences:

There are a lot of features introduced from this new version to well meet the needs of players to bring many interesting experiences for players. Fabric API mods will help players to create camouflage blocks to be any character you want. Besides, if the player does not want to let himself be exposed, or the surrounding objects do not want to let others know, you can use the invisible block. As such, every experience will get better and players do not need to worry about the problem being detected during the quest. Another feature that many people pay attention to is providing fake flashlights to set up traps as well as building multiple platforms, bases, and traps to be able to fight enemies more easily.


fabric api mod 1

Minecraft Fabric API Mod 1.16.3-1.16.2

Minecraft Fabric API Mod 1.16.3-1.16.2

On it is an introduction to fabric API mods and their features for players. It is the new version that has been upgraded and promises to bring players many exciting and new experiences. If you want to have a newer experience than the old versions, you can download and use them. Hopefully, the information shared above will help you to have more information and understanding about fabric API mods, as well as have more options for yourself.


Fabric ModLoader

How to get Forge: https://wminecraft.net/minecraft-forge/

FABRIC LOADER Install manual:

1. Run minecraft launcher
2. click ‘edit profile’ and choose ‘release 1.16.2’,or ‘release 1.16.3’  from the ‘use version’ list; save
3. run the game and quit after a few seconds
4. close the launcher
5. double-click the downloaded Fabric loader 1.16.2 file
6. click the ‘Install’ button
7. after the installation is DONE just close its window
8. run the launcher
9. choose Fabric profile
10. log in (if required)
11. click play
12. run the game and quit after a few seconds
13. close the launcher Fabric API & Mod Menu
1. choose the ‘run’ command in the system menu and write ‘%appdata%’ in its text dialog box, click the ‘ok’ button
2. open the ‘.minecraft’ folder
3. go to the ‘mods’ subfolder
4. put the downloaded Fabric API 1.16.2 file (‘fabric-api-0.18.0+build.397-1.16.jar’) and Mod Menu 1.16.2 file (‘modmenu-1.14.6+build.31.jar’) to the open window at the step 3


Download Fabric API Mod for Minecraft 1.17-1.16.5-1.15.2-1.14.4…

Fabric API For Minecraft 1.12.2 (Not updating…)
Mirror link For Minecraft 1.14.1
Mirror link For Minecraft 1.14.2
Mirror link For Minecraft 1.14.3
Mirror link For Minecraft 1.14.4
Mirror link For Minecraft 1.15
Mirror link For Minecraft 1.15.2
Mirror link For Minecraft 1.16.1
Mirror link For Minecraft 1.16.2
Mirror link For Minecraft 1.16.3
Mirror link For Minecraft 1.16.4
Mirror link For Minecraft 1.16.5
Mirror link For Minecraft 1.17

Credit by TMQ