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Current Events:

The purpose of the current events is to keep in the forefront of the students mind that SCIENCE is everywhere.  It is a part of our everyday life and that with the speed of growth in technology it is in constant change.  Application is a very important aspect of science if the students can see how it applies to them the eager they are to learn more and to open their mines to unlimited possibilities.  In the 1950's through the 90's science grew sometimes at a rapid pace while at others a slow... pace.  However, today science is growing in leaps and bounds and what was true yesterday is no longer true today, ask Pluto.  My goal is to try and inspire the mines of the great Scientists of tomorrow so, as we explore please have them share some of their finds as well as those by their classmates.




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Special Note:  All current events must be in the two-week window from the last report.


Areas of Science:  (circle one)

Life Science            Earth Science                        Medicine            Technology            Physical Science


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1.     What is the most important scientific fact the author shared in this

article? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2.    List at least three key (science) vocabulary terms that helped you understand this article.

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