Chapter 2-2 Vocabulary

Chapter 2 Section 2 Vocabulary (pg. 42) 

1.      Classification- the process of grouping things based on their similarities. 

2.    Taxonomy- The scientific study of how living things are classified.  

3.     Binomial Nomenclature- The system for naming organisms in which each organism is given a unique, two-part scientific name.  

4.    Genus- a classification group that consists of a number of similar, closely related species.  

5.     Species- a group of similar organisms that can mate with each other and produce offspring that can also mate and reproduce.  

6.    Prokaryotes- Organisms who lack a nucleus.  

7.     Nucleus- The control center of a eukaryotic cell that directs the cell’s activities, and contains the information that determines the cell’s form and function.  

8.    Eukaryote- An organism whose cells contain nuclei.  

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