About Me

Hello everyone! 


My name is Whitney Walton. Almost all of my family members have worked in education and I knew teaching was my calling. I recently received my teaching license but I have had 5 years of teaching experience. I became a USM (University of Southern Mississippi) alumni in 2015 and decided it wasn’t time for Southern Miss to say goodbye to me yet. I live in Hattiesburg, MS with my fur child named, Chester. We live on a farm close to the rest of my family. Our family farm was originally a dairy farm that milked cows and helped distribute milk to Hattiesburg families. Now we have the land to enjoy and for my mom to become the proud owner of many chickens, mini horses, donkeys, and quail!


Apart from teaching, fitness and nutrition is a huge passion of mine. This time last year I weighed in at 227 pounds. It was the heaviest I had ever been in my life and knew it was time for a change. I had been going to my current gym prior to my weight gain but life happened and I found myself not caring about the results I wasn’t seeing, despite going to the gym every day of the week. I put my head in the game, participated in a 12 week clean-eating challenge and have stuck with eating good fuel for my body. In a year’s time, I have lost 50 pounds and am able to push myself in the gym further than I ever thought I could. I love lifting heavy weights and the powerful feeling of being strong!


My heart and spirit are most compassionate about my career in education. All children deserve a proper chance to be succesful in life. My mission is to creat a safe, welcoming space with rich, fun, and engaging knowledge that will inspire my students to reach for all the best goals! There is no limit to what a person can achieve as long as they believe in themselves. I believe in my students and I will have them believing in themselves as well!