Opportunities for Growth!



As an educator I always search for ways I can improve my personal knowledge regarding my teaching career so that I can keep my students’ minds growing and keeping my lessons from becoming stagnant. 


If you are interested in more opportunities for improving your skills for teaching language development, this is the page for you! I am listing 8 fantastic choices that can help you become the best reading supporter for your students or child(ren). 




Virtual Professional Development 

  1. Teaching Phonics and Spelling for Beginning and Transitional Readers, 2nd Edition. 

  1. Vocabulary as a Foundation for Learning.

  1. Phonemic Awareness and Phonics: A Window Into Exemplary Instruction.

  1. Read Write Think Web Seminar Options.


Easy Reading Articles 

  1. Strategies for Teaching Reading Comprehension to Children of Migrant Workers

  1. Designing Virtual Learning Environments for Academic Development

  1. Bringing Innovation to Language Teaching Practice


  1. 5 Easy Ways Parents/Guardians Can Increase Their Child’s Reading Fluency.