workout leggings

Dress your leggings up

It’s safe to say that women leggings can be worn dressed up and dressed down and if you have a fun and bright jacket you can throw it over your top and leggings and create a great new outfit that will be relaxing to wear and make a statement.

Don’t be shy about your styling, add some necklaces and accessories and have a play with your legging and jacket combo.

Add some sneakers

If you’ve ever been on a shopping marathon you would know that your feet and your body hurt at the end of the day, so why not dress in your leggings and your favourite casual sneakers and be ready for a shopping-fest without the sore feet.

Through on a relaxed t-shirt and even pop a cute denim skirt over your workout leggings and you can transition your look to a really fun and functional shopping outfit that will let you last all day in the malls.

You can even add an oversized jumper or sweatshirt over your leggings to create a fashionable look that all the celebrities are embracing. This look balances out proportions and helps to create a cool and edgy look without you needing to get out of your leggings or tights.