Last updated 6-01-09


   Happy June First!

   We have finally reached the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL. I know everyone is anxious about Summer Break starting. But before we go, we must get through the next few (fun-filled) days! 


Monday: used uniform sale

Wednesday: field day

Thursday: Last day of class, pizza party following the half day of school.


June 2009

June 1st-  Used Uniform Sale

June 3rd- Field Day

June 4th- Report Cards Go Home

June 4th- Last Day of School (Early Release)

Please continue practicing all the multiplication facts 0-12, and Division!

Weekly Schedule

Monday -  11:05am PE
Tuesday - 11:00am Computer
Wednesday - 8:30am Music and 2:00pm Library
Thursday - 11:05am PE
Friday - 9:30am Music, 10:00am Art, and 11:30am Computer
Lunch 12:00pm - 12:30pm

contact Ms. Roberts:  jaclyn.dana@gmail.com

school website:  foundationchristianacademy.org