Cool Classroom Procedures


I believe parent/teacher communication is important. The best way to contact me is through email: I will get back with you the same day. Also, you can go online to our class website for updated information about homework, spelling and vocabulary words, memory verses, upcoming events, projects, book orders, field trips, announcements, etc. You can access this site at   There is also a link on the FCA homework website.  Please let me know if you have any questions. 


This is how I will organize the binder. Please help it stay organized at home as well.

Planner – your child’s planner will be in the front of their binder. Please sign the planner every night, and return it each school day.  This is a great way to find out what your child is doing throughout the week. It is also a fantastic place for us to communicate. I will set aside time each day for students to write in their planner and for me to check them.

Front pocket (Return to school)–  only homework, important papers that need to be returned to school,  and any communication will be allowed in this pocket. Please place all completed HW assignments in the front pocket each evening. 

Take home folder – this folder must be cleaned out each night by a parent. All assignments, notes from the front office, and other important information will be sent home inside this folder. Please look at any graded papers with your child, and go over any problems missed.

Tab Dividers – located behind the take home folder. There will be dividers for each of the subjects. Please leave these papers in the binder at all times. We will clean out the binders at the end of each nine weeks.  


If you would like to participate in field trips, classroom activities, or any event involving the students, you are required to fill out paperwork for a background check.  There is a $10 fee for this service.  Please complete the paperwork in the front office as soon as possible. 

Leaving Early

Please remember if you need to sign out your child early from school, you must do so before 2:30 pm or you will have to wait until carline is completed. 


Homework (HW) is due the day after it is assigned. Late homework will be accepted, but points will be deducted. Any classwork your child does not finish during school becomes homework, and must be returned the next school day. 


Our class will have a snack time each day. Please no messy items. No yogurt or any other item that requires a utensil. Also, only water will be allowed inside the classroom. Water bottles are allowed all day. NO CANDY and please limit sweets. 


In your red folder, you will find a Friday pizza order form. If you know your child will be eating pizza every/most Fridays, please consider the YEARLY option.  This option will tremendously cut down on paperwork for you.