Course Expectations


1) Come to class prepared and ready to learn. If you are assigned homework but do not complete it, then you might be unable to do the assignment for the next’s days class. All homework will have a purpose. An example: If you do not read the assigned reading for homework, you will not be able to effectively participate in a group discussion the following day. If you cannot effectively participate in class, then you will not receive the daily points.

2) Respect the teacher, others, and yourself. This is a red-faced free zone, meaning that no one should ever make another student (or teacher) feel embarrassed or silly in my classroom. We are learning together in this class, and learning involves experimenting and sometimes making mistakes before accomplishing the end goal. You are allowed to mess up in here! If you are not being respectful of myself and others, then you are also not respecting your own self. Be the best you that you can be!

3) Keep yourself organized. We will be doing a good amount of writing in this course. It is important that you are able to quickly identify where your past work is so that it is easily accessible when we need to use it. This is why the 2 folders and 3-ring binder are required. One folder will be your daily in-class work folder and the other will be where you keep your reading journal. The 3-ring binder will be used for the rest of the material.

4) Be on Time. I will be ready to work when the bell rings and expect you to be, also.

5) Cell phones should be put away. I love my phone, but when it is class time, it goes away. Cell phones are a distraction that takes away from you getting the full experience in class. I won’t have mine, so I expect you to not have yours either.

6) Give me all you got! I believe in you, and I want 110% everyday. I wouldn’t ask it if I weren’t confident that you could give it. Because this class is highly discussion and group based learning, a lot of what you will get out of this course is going to be what you put into it.