Article Marketing and Submission – Best to Generate Traffic

Marketing through article is trustworthy and most useful method of promotions. Content writing and submission are the mostly used methods to advertise a website. The published business world articles keep author’s signature with original site’s link that made up every contents as links on web, therefore search engines even gives weightage as quality back-links for their overall ranking. There are several directories that host articles without any cost. By publishing the articles about fashion world or finance world on such web directories expands online presence of your website.

After checking World Cup articles and taking suggestion from experts, I found some issues in process of article submission that can be alienated into some categories –

  • Benefits
  • Process
  • Techniques

Definitely, it is required to know about the submission process which works. The major intention behind content submission to any directories is to get high rank in search result. When any owner of a website writes an article with using chosen keywords and links back to their website, it is generally to boost online visibility of his website. In case publisher or owners takes the content by paying whatever needed to directories and publishes the content on a blog or any other website, then back-link that comes with the content get posted on that specific website or blog. It improves the article’s visibility on different websites and people using another website to read the complete article and visits the genuine website to collect more information. Thus, article submission about tech world is the wonderful method to boost your online visibility as well as generating traffic for your business website.





There are some other advantages of the article promotion as like improve the popularity of a website. In such case the contents are good and if they are properly marketed then it is bound to be utilized by web publishers and developers who are always on the search for new contents. It results in the writer’s website link being distributed in different websites sogrowing its reputation and even improves the website traffic. If the contents by a writer turn into famous then it works as a series. Occasionally the writer turns into a regular to some websites or blogs; so, website of the author even gets limelight.

Also, there are some of the free submission of article even needs some of the popular techniques that come in the most convenient while writing a quality article. Though there are not any of the hard-and-fast rules on writing article, but there are someof the guidelines to catch the attention of readers on your article. While you are making content for promotion, do some researches on keyword on the subject you have selected for article. These keywords are important for the purpose of optimization and ranking. The keyword must be used properly in the content’s body. Long tail phrases or keywords will be good to use, it will give more importance from search engine viewpoint.