Family Binder

Putting one together is easy: Just get any kind of three-ring binder, some dividers and a bunch of plastic sheet protectors. Then just print out a bunch of forms (you can make your own, as I usually do, or find them on the internet) that you can fill in as needed.

What goes in the family binder? Anything you need. Here are some ideas — but you should feel free to customize it as needed:

  • Emergency info: Phone numbers for your doctor and pediatrician, emergency numbers for fire and police and hospital and poison control, other important numbers.
  • Other Important Contacts: Doctors, Babbysitters, 
  • Medical Data:
  • Important info: Social security numbers for your kids, health insurance info, anything else you need to refer to frequently.
  • House Details:
  • Car Details:
  • Important docs: Birth certificates, marriage license, insurance stuff, shot records, etc.
  • Weekly menu: Plan out your weekly dinners for the next week or two/grocery list
  • Family calendar: I actually use Gcal, but if you prefer a written calendar that anyone can look at, insert it into the Family Binder. Include car maintenance schedule, doctors appointments, 
  • Recipes: Your family’s favorites, which makes it easier to make the shopping list once you’ve done the weekly menu.
  • Gift ideas: write down ideas for birthdays and Christmas as they come up.
  • Computer Passwords/Logins:
  • Household Repair Log:
  • Wine List:
  • Reading/watching lists: books, dvds, cds, other things you want to buy/rent.
  • Checklists: any checklists that help you remember things: packing lists,  car maintenance schedule, etc.
  • Finances: your budget, spending log, bills to pay, etc.
  • Chores:
  • School stuff: school calendars, newsletters, any other papers that come in.
  • Ideas: I print out lists of activities I like to do with the kids, and other idea lists.