Best Way to Find Out if Someone has Blocked you on WhatsApp


There are different features on WhatsApp that are introduced for the convenience of people and one of them is the blocked feature. With this feature, you can block any person on the application which will make it impossible for the other person to see your display picture, last seen, and other information. The blocked contact will also not be able to send messages to you but, what to do if you want to find out if someone has blocked you. 

If you are thinking that why are you not able to send a message to someone on the application then, do not worry in this guide, we are going to tell you how to know is someone blocked you on WhatsApp

How can you Know if Someone has Blocked you on WhatsApp?

There are some simple tell-tale signs that you can use to know how to find if someone has blocked my number on Whatsapp. 

  • Open the chats on your application and then click on the conversation of the person who you think might have blocked you. 

  • If you can open the conversation and send a message then, this does not mean that you are not blocked. You need to see if the Online sign is visible in the person’s chat or not. 

  • If you are not able to see the online sign then, you need to look for the last seen and if both of these things are not visible to you then, it can be possible that the user has blocked you.

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  • You can also ask a mutual friend to confirm the blocked status and ask whether they can see the online and last seen sign. 

This is the process of how to check if someone blocked you on WhatsApp. You can also use the website Worldzo to learn more about Whatsapp's Blocked feature.