Best Ways to Read WhatsApp Messages Without opening or Notifying Sender


There are many people who often wish to know how to read WhatsApp messages without opening WhatsApp so that the sender is not notified and they can see the messages. If you are also interested in knowing the same then, you can use the different methods that we are giving here in this guide. You can easily use the methods that we have given here and then, know how to see the messages without notifying the sender. 

Methods to Read WhatsApp Messages without notifying the Sender

There are a few methods that can be used by people if they want to know how to read WhatsApp messages without a blue tick. We all know that the blue tick alerts the sender that the person on the other end has read the message that they have sent. 

Method 1: Enable Airplane mode

The first method that you can use is to enable Airplane mode after you have received the message and then read it. Once you read the message, you can turn off the airplane more after you have closed the application and left it. With this method, the sender will not be notified about the read message. 

Method 2: Turn off the Read Receipts

Another method that you can use to know how to see Whatsapp messages without seen is to turn off the read receipts in the application. You will get this option in the Privacy section of the settings of the application and this will help you in reading WhatsApp messages without notifying the sender of the message with the blue tick. 

We hope that you have understood the instructions we have given here. You can also use the website Worldzo to know more methods that will help you in reading Whatsapp messages without being seen. Ensure that you are carefully sticking to each and every instruction. 

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