Can’t Send Text Messages From Android? 4 Fixes to Try


Apart from the increasing popularity of Facebook and social media many users still find sending text messages from the default messaging app.

But sometimes it restricts sending messages. It can happen due to varied reasons.

For instance:-

  • Not a valid plan.

  • No signal.

  • Inappropriate settings.

  • Improper insertion of Sim card.

  • Invalid Message centre settings (SMSC).

  • Enabled Airplane mode.

  • Blocked or invalid number.

  • Network jammed.

These are some of the reasons behind being unable to send text messages.


Some Initial Checks that you Should go Through First.

  • Make sure you have a valid plan to send text messages.

  • Next check the network reception whether it is good or bad.

  • Confirm the number to whom you want to send Text messages.

  • Check that your sim card has been properly inserted or not.

  • Make sure that the Messages app is your default messaging app.

  • Turn off Airplane mode if it is on.

  • Reboot your device to refresh the device.


Here we have listed some fixes that will help you to get rid of this can't send text messages problem.

  • Erase Text Message cache and data.

Erasing text message cache and data assists to remove any bugs and glitches which are causing unable to send text messages.

You can clear message app cache and data by going into setting > Apps > Messages then clear data and cache.

  • Switch SMS settings to default.

It is quite possible that by mistake you have jeopardized the messages app settings or recently swapped Sim cards as different service providers have different preferences.

Resetting messages app settings to default might resolve this problem.

To reset SMS settings to default settings open messages apps then go to settings and set all options to default settings.

  • Test SMSC 

SMSC is similar to Access Point Name which you require for mobile internet connection.

SMSC is also known as the message centre number.

SMSC is unique and distinctive to service providers which assists you in sending text messages.  

  • Go through blocked numbers.

Sometimes you forget by the passage of time you'd have blocked someone

Check whether the person to whom you want to send text messages are not on the block list.

Also, someone may have blocked you, that's why you are unable to message them.

In some cases, if someone is not reverting to you, it raises questions like why aren't my messages sent or gives you the impression that the messaging app is working improperly.

We have provided all the possible causes behind this problem "why won't my message send.

Lastly, if these fixes will not help you in any way we propose that you should contact your service provider or change your handset. 

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