Fix You are not Eligible to Create a Username Facebook Error

A username for a Facebook page is a very important part of that particular page. A username is the identity that allows other people to search you on this social media platform. However, sometimes one can see the message, ‘this page is not eligible to have a username for Facebook’ on your screens while creating a name for your page. 

So, do not worry as we are going to tell you why this happens and what can you do to fix this problem and create a wonderful username for your Facebook fan page.

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Causes for this Facebook error

While looking for solutions to fix this problem, you may first know the reasons why you are not eligible to create a username on Facebook. So, read the causes highlighted below.

  • It can happen if the username you are seeking has already been used.
  • It can also happen if your username is too short or too long. You must have a username of 5 characters.
  • If you are not the page admin then you will not be able to create the username for the page.

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Solution to Fix the Username error on Facebook

The solution that you can try is to make your Facebook account the admin of the page you are creating the name for. If your Facebook account is not an admin then, it will be impossible for you to create a name. Follow these given steps to add your Facebook account to the page.

  1. Open the Facebook page and then go to the Settings for the page.

  2. Add a new page role for your page and enter the Facebook account you want.

  3. And then you need to change this account to an admin form editor. This will help you to create a username for your Facebook page.

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Fix the "You are not Eligible to Create a Username" Error