How to Fix Avast Not Opening on Windows 10 Issue?


We may have been experiencing Avast not opening on Windows 10 issue, and you need to know how to fix it. This error may occur when the program is not compatible with your operating system. To get help, you should visit the official website of Avast or visit a local service center. Make sure you bring your product warranty documents with you. This guide will show you how to fix this error.

Ways to Fix Avast Not Opening on Windows 10 Issues

If the issue persists, try to uninstall Avast. Then, run the Avast service and wait for a few seconds. Then, you'll see a pop-up asking you for the password. Enter the correct password. This will resolve the issue with services not working. To fix this error, you should perform a clean installation of the AVAST software. This will remove all glitches automatically and remove the AVAST program from your computer.

To access the Administrative Tools, type cmd in the Start menu and click Run as Administrator. Then, you should run winmgmt /resetrepository or winmgmt /salvagerepository. Then, restart your computer to check whether the problem is resolved. If the problem still persists, follow these steps and restart the computer. Alternatively, you can contact a professional to fix the problem. If all else fails, use the error-fixing methods described above.

Another solution to the Avast won't turn on Windows 10 issue is to perform a clean install. The clean install process will remove the corrupted files from the registry. To do this, download the Avast Uninstall Utility and switch off your internet connection. Next, boot your PC into Safe Mode and type msconfig in the address bar. After clicking OK, click on OK.

There are various ways to fix this issue. Firstly, you can perform a clean boot process. This process allows you to identify which processes are running in the background on your PC. Once the clean boot process has been completed, the program should open normally. If it is still not running, you can run the Clean Boot process again and restart the computer. It should now be working correctly. The first step is to launch the Windows Safe Mode.


If the Avast Not Opening on Windows 10 issue is caused by an outdated version of Windows, you can install an updated version. This will prevent other apps and software from functioning properly. In order to fix this, you can open the Control Panel and choose the "safe boot" option. Then, restart the computer and click on the "Start" button to start the program. Then, click the General option in the Control Panel and follow the steps.


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