NGL Meaning – What does NGL Mean?


NGL! What exactly is this term and what is the meaning of ngl that so many people use? These are the thoughts of a lot of people who come across the word NGL. 

Do not panic too much if you do not know NGL meaning in chat or its definition. It is very difficult to keep up with all the new emerging trends and technology so, it is completely fine if you do not the meaning of NGL. So, sit tight as we are going to tell you the meaning of NGL and how you can use this term in your conversations. 

What is NGL?

Ngl full form in chat is “not going to lie” or simply “not gonna lie”.  Simple isn’t it! I know, so, let me tell you that the Macmillian Dictionary has defined this word as a situation where people are admitting something that feels uncomfortable to them. This is just a short form so, NGL is not used in formal things like speeches or articles but people do use this acronym in texts and blogs on the internet where people will understand it. You can also use TBH in place of NGL if you are not comfortable with it as TBH stands for “to be honest”. 

How did NGL Originate?

The original expression ‘not going to lie’ or ‘not gonna lie’ has been there for a long time, some say for even 100 years but the short form was not there. This expression has always been used by people when they are stating something that is true and they are expressing vulnerability.  Talking about something insightful, overwhelming and honest always included the expression Not gonna lie. 

But, the abbreviated form of the expression came around the year 2009 or 2010. Maybe it has been used before but we use this year because the Urban Dictionary added NGL meaning in text in the year 2009. This was also the time the word or the abbreviation became popular on the internet and was commonly used in texts and chats. 

Other meanings of NGL

Apart from this basic version, there are many other meanings that are associated with the abbreviated term NGL. We are also going to tell you the other meanings of NGL.

  • National Guardian life

  • Natural Gas Liquids

  • Next Generation Leaders

  • Natural Ground level

  • National Golf League

Even if there are so many meanings of NGL, it is most commonly used for Not gonna lie.