Top 4 Best Phone Spy Apps For Android and iPhone in 2022


There are many spy applications present on the internet and in this world of technology, spy applications can be used for different unethical things. However, there are many people who use these applications for ethical things like keeping track of their children’s activities and knowing about the location of people who they want to know about. 

There are many uses for different spy applications and that is why people want to look for some of the best spy applications that they can use on their iPhones and Android devices. So, if you are also looking for some of the best spy apps for iPhone and android then, you can easily use this guide to know about some of the best applications that you can use. 

What are Some of the best Spy Applications Working in 2022?

If you want to know how to spy on an android phone? Then, you can use the different spy applications that we are going to tell you about in this guide. All of these applications can be easily used by anyone. 

  • mSpy

One of the best spy applications that you can use is mSpy. mSpy is a very good application that can be used by the users of both Android and iOS users to monitor the mobile phones that they want to. The application is not available for free but, there is a demo version of the application that can be tried freely. 

  • Cocospy

The application is very useful for simple and easy monitoring of any mobile phone that you want to track. You can also use the applications as a remote for the other device and it can be used on Android and iOS smartphones very easily. 


The application is one of the best spy apps for android and can also work on iOS devices. While most of the applications can only be used with the internet, you do not need an internet connection while using XNSPY. 

  • uMobix

Another application that can be used by people to spy on other mobile phones is uMobix. uMobix can only be used on Android devices with above 4 operating systems and also on iPhones and iPads. There is a free trial available for the application that you can try. 

We hope that you have understood all the information that we have given here about the spy apps that we have given. Use the website Worldzo to know about more spy applications.