What is Facebook Jail? Everything you Need to Know


If you are mixing normal jail with jail of Facebook then you are wrong and you should not do it as if you do not know about the Facebook jail then you should stay with us till the very end of the article to know about this. 

This guide will cover all the guide of the FB jail so that you could learn about it; actually the FB jail is a term used by Facebook to describe the situation when a user is banned and is blocked from accessing the account of yours and this is not an actual jail. 

Facebook has always been a place where people often place their opinions and point of views which they want to tell and put with other people.  And the FB jail was created to monitor the portal and the things that get posted by it. 

Reason People are put into Facebook Jail 

We will see the Facebook jail report which will tell you the reasons which are responsible for which the people are put up in jail not actual but Facebook jail. 

  1. Spamming 

If you done too much spamming Facebook will suspect your actions and this action of yours to spam friend requests and posts, etc will end up you being in FB jail. 

  1. Sharing inappropriate content 

The second reason for you being in FB jail could be that you have shared some of explicit content or some inappropriate content.

  1. Logging into same account multiple times 

If you are trying to log in to your account you can be locked in FB jail as this is a suspected act for Facebook. 

Getting out of Facebook Jail 

If you want to get out of Facebook Jail you need to serve the sentence and you can also try to get out of Facebook prison by filing an appeal for the same which you can do by going to the official site of Facebook. 

And if above option does not work then you have no other way that to create a new Facebook account which you can use and you need to make sure not to repeat the mistakes you made earlier. 

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