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Welcome to Miss Wristbridge's Website! 

This website is intended for use by 2010-2011 Students in World History, United States History II, and Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Williamstown High School in Williamstown, NJ

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Classroom Rules and Expectations


“To show regard or consideration for . . . to refrain from intruding upon or interfering with”

J  Be in class ON TIME, EVERY TIME

J  Be polite and helpful

J  No Vulgar or Offensive Language

J  Make the best use of our time - you have no right to waste others’ valuable time

J  Be safe, Be Happy

J  No electronics of any kind . . . History is entertaining, give it a chance!

J  Be kind to our supplies, they are not free!

J  Be prepared every day!

J  Take pride in yourself and your work, there is no such thing as failure!