Parent Information

These are some basic parental tips that could help your child succeed during the educational experience.

Tip #1:

Read with your child.  Reading is very important to a child's learning.  By reading with the child, you are able to know what words they have trouble with or what reading skills they excel in.

Tip #2

Make sure that you keep up with your child's homework.  It is important that each child does the homework that is assigned to them.  Help your child in any way you can, but do not do it for them.

Tip #3

Stay up to date to any announcements or postings that the teacher has during the school year.  Sometimes teacher's will have websites or newsletters that inform every parent and student of what is going on the classroom.  By staying up to date on everything, this will reduce any confusion that there may be and will also allow you to keep up with your child's work.

Tip #4

Go to teacher conferences and parent-teacher conferences.  Participate in activities that the class is doing, such as field trips and being a room mom.

Tip #5

Allow your child to participate in activities and sports outside of school.  Many schools offer athletic possibilities as well as after school care.  This will allow your child to make new friends and to stay out trouble that they could possibly get in after school.