About The Teacher

For my High School career I attended Canfield Local Schools threw my graduation. After High School I got a job based in Dallas, Texas as a flight attendant which i have always wanted to do. During my Career as a flight attendant I attended online classes where i got a degree in Music Education and Hospitality. I have flown for just over 6 years when i desided I wanted to try to teach because it was always on of my dreams along with flying.  After months of looking and interviews i finally got a position at Phoenix Local Schools. Even thow this is my first year teaching i feel i will do great because this was always one of my dreams. I have many different ways of teaching then other teachers do, My goal this year is to make my class most interesting to come to and the best, funnest to learn in. Thank you all for your time for any questions you can contact me by calling Phoenix Local Schools. Im looking forward to seeing all of my students on June 1st. Have a great day.