WTD Medals Offer Unique Collection of Medals and trophies

WTD Medals is making attractive yet durable medals for 17 years. Market competition has risen so high, and our company is still manufacturing the best products at affordable rates compared to the others in the market. Our medal range includes race, marathon, running, bike, and other sports medals.

Each medal depicts different sports at the best of its quality. Our Medal hanging and trophies are specially designed to make your win memorable. We try to put a long-lasting effect on the winner and the viewers by the unique design of our medals. We have started at a small level, and by understanding the market trend and customer needs, we keep manufacturing unique designs for different sports activities.

We become demanding in a short span, and since then, we have never looked back. Our ultimate products are always an attractive part of prize distribution in schools, colleges, universities, and significant events. We deal in all types of material products, including Gold silver bronze medals, which can be given to all the position holders in different holders.

Our company is certified with SGS, Sedex, and ISO 9001, which means we manufacture and deliver certified products worldwide. We can take orders and promise to give them to the customer through a fast delivery process. Our team takes care of the client's orders and does their best for the on-time delivery. Medals and trophies are always considered to be the best reward whenever it comes to prize distribution.

Our products are widely delivered to different parts of the world including South Asia, the USA and west part of Europe. It feels extreme proud when someone wins the competition, and our medals and trophies are awarded to him. Our product does not fade or lose its shine for a more extended period. To check out the complete range of medals and trophies, you can visit the company official website anytime.

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