Expectations 8th grade English

General Policy for 8th Grade English                                                                                   Mrs. Wendy Vasey

            English is an integration of reading, writing, listening, speaking and thinking.  During the school year, listening, speaking and critical thinking will be emphasized and skills- such as grammar, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, and usage- will be taught through some reading and extensive writing.  Class participation is a must and considered in determining a student’s grade.

            Each student in this English class is expected to do the following:

*be early or on time to class each day

*be prepared with all materials and completed homework assignments

*keep binder neat, organized, and complete

*make up all homework and class assignments when absent from class for any reason

*participate and cooperate during class

*listen to and follow directions the first time they are given

*respect all people and property in the classroom

*question any information that is not understood

*complete all assignments given (everything counts)

Homework is very important.  It will be assigned regularly as practice in particular skills and must be completed by the due date.  (Do not ask to go to your locker to get your assignment.)  LATE ASSIGNMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED and will earn a “0,”  because we go over everything in class.

A student who is excused from class for an activity, appointment, or illness must hand in any work that is due before leaving.  It is an excellent practice to get his/her assignment ahead of time if a student knows that he/she will be missing a particular class.  When a student is absent from class, he/she is responsible for all work missed.  This includes class notes, journal writing, daily language activities, class work, and writings.  Please check my website from http://www.nasdenglish.com for assignments and other important information. 

Marking period grades are determined by completion of all assignments (everything counts), quiz and/or test results, writing projects, binder (contents and condition), Study Island, and class participation.

If you have any further questions regarding the expectations for this class, feel free to call the school and ask for me or drop me an email at vaseyw@northwest.k12.pa.us.  I am looking forward to an exciting year together.

Please sign the bottom portion (DO NOT CUT/RIP OFF) and your child is responsible for having this entire sheet as the first assignment, and it is to be kept in the front of his/her binder at all times.


            We have read the requirements for Mrs. W. Vasey’s English class and will do our best to live up to them.


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EXPECTATIONS FOR 8TH GRADE ENGLISH                             Mrs. Wendy Vasey



Class participation – 100 points per quarter

Journal – Each entry is worth 7 points

Daily Language Activity (DL)



Vocabulary Packets

Vocabulary Flashcards

Vocabulary Tests

Grammar Assignments

Grammar Quizzes/Tests



Writing Project

Study Island



Binder Check – 100 points per quarter (Automatic -20 points for the

absence of this policy paper in your binder)




*Only work completed in blue ink, black ink, or pencil will be graded.*  (unless directed to use other colors by teacher)