MONDAY, MARCH 11, 2013

Signed PSSA paper returned


Writing PSSAs-  please encourage your child to go to bed early, eat a good breakfast, and most importantly DO THEIR BEST on the test!!!!!

Writing PSSA Reminders:


©  1st paragraph


            A = Attention Grabber

            M = Movie Trailers – sneak peak of 3 topics

            T = Thesis – answers prompt and contains 3 topics



©  Final Paragraph

  • sum up your 3 topics
  • restate your thesis
  • leave the reader with something to think about



3 is the magic number  = 3 topics with 3 explanations = 3 body paragraphs



Use transitions between paragraphs


Don’t use “weed” in your paper = NO slang and NO contractions



NO  lowercase “i”


Use facts and not opinions!!!!



If in doubt, don’t do it!!!!  Do what you know!!!!




Make sure you complete the


  1. Magic 3 organizer


  1. Write a rough draft.  Then edit, edit, edit…


  1. Write the final draft as neat as you can in your answer book…. Print if you have to….



Answer the question/prompt completely and use examples if they ask for them!!!!!!


Take your time and you will do fine!!!!