English III Info.

Daily Assignment - Students are required to write a daily journal entry.  These will be graded on a nine week basis.  Students are not responsible for journal entries when they are absent for any reason.

I expect my students to ALWAYS bring a library book with them to class.  If they finish the daily assignment, I expect them to be reading.

Extra credit - I offer extra credit at various times.  I do offer extra credit for signed and returned progress reports. 

Progress Reports - I will hand these out on the 3rd, 5th, and 7th week of each nine weeks. 

Assignments - Week of Nov. 3

Eng. 3  (Glencoe Literature The Reader’s Choice)

Mon. – Read “from Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” pgs.88-92 Answer questions on pg. 93  Discuss Imagery and Connotation

Tues. – Read “from The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin” pgs. 96-100 Answer questions on pg. 101 Discuss Autobiography and Voice

Wed. – Read “from Poor Richard’s Almanack” pg. 102 Answer questions on pg. 103 Discuss Aphorisms

Thurs. – Read “Speech to the Second Virginia Convention” pgs.106-110 Answer questions on pg. 111 Discuss rhetorical question and figure of speech

Fri. – Discuss Idioms; pgs. 11-13 (Figuratively Speaking Workbook)