Mr. Walko's Science Classrooms

Welcome to Science at Grace Dunn Middle School

Hello! My name is Mr. Walter Walko and I will be your Science Teacher at Grace A. Dunn Middle School.  This year, we will explore and develop richer understandings of our world through observations, critical thinking and scientific principles.  Our personal experiences will provide connections that will strengthen our skills and ensure our future successes. 


Although I am unable to begin this school year with you, I am eager and excited to join you in October. Please complete the following Gr. 6 or Gr. 7 Science Packet since these packets will be utilized for your Q1 Interim Grades/Progress Report.   Missing or incomplete answers will significantly lower your grades.  


                                   PACKET MUST BE COMPLETED BY FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2019


    GRADE 6:       Click on the LInks for the Science Packet and PSI Presentation Information.  Packets Due Friday 10/4/2019

 Grade 6 Science Packet: 6 Mr. Walko Science Packet.docx

 Grade 6 PSI Presentation: 6 PSI Unit 1 Presentation.pdf

     GRADE 7:       Click on the LInks for Packet and Presentation Information.  Packets Due Friday 10/4/2019

Grade 7 Science Packet: 7 Mr. Walko Science Packet.docx

Grade 7 PSI Presentation: 7 PSI Unit 1 Presentation.pdf