Theme: #1 Story: Akiak

Story Skills

 * Each group will be focusing on the following skills as well:

* BIG 8 Skills:

3.4.3/4.4.3 – Main Idea

3.4.9/4.4.5 – Summarize

3.4.8/4.4.6 – Make Predictions

3.4.1 – Infer about Setting & Plot

3.4.2 – Infer about Characters

4.4.6 – Make inferences

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This year our class will be concentrating on the following

Big 8 Concepts with every story we read:

*Making Predictions and evaluating them- Use the title and cover to guess what a book is about. As you read use chapter titles, story clues, and pictures to guess what will happen next.  Look back at your predictions and see if they were correct.  If they weren't, what made you think that they were?

*Main Idea and Supporting Details- the main point of what you are reading and details that helped you find this.

*Summarizing-the beginning, middle and end of a story. The most important part of this is that you don't give away the ending of the story.

*Fact & Opinion- Facts can be proven. Opinions use emotions or feelings that not everyone will agree with.

*Cause and Effect- Cause is an event that happens that causes another event. The event is the result of the cause. 

*Drawing Conclusions-Story clues + your knowledge = drawing conclusions; reading the text and adding what you know to make a conclusion about a person, place, or event.

*Making Inferences- Text clues + what you know = inference; reading between the lines to determine what the author wants to tell you without writing it.

*Story Structure-characters, setting-time and place, problem, solution


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