Science & Social Studies


What are we studying in science?

Solar System

E.5.B Students understand that there are many components in the solar system including Earth.


      E.5.B.1 Students know there are more stars than anyone can easily count, but they are not scattered evenly, and they are not all the same in brightness or color.


     E.5.B.2 Students know the solar system includes the Sun, planets, and moons.

     E.5.B.3 Students know stars are like the Sun, but they are so far away that they look like points of light.

     E.5.B.4 Students know there are cyclical patterns of observable objects in the solar system.

     E.5.B.5 Students know the patterns of stars in the sky stay the same (e.g., the constellations), although they appear to move across the sky nightly, and different stars can be seen in different seasons.


Social Studies

We use our Social Studies curriculum for our reading intervention program.  This allows students to study both science and social studies every day. We also switch classes to provide the best possible intervention for all students. 

This year the 4th grade will be studying Nevada and our history. 

Current Unit: Making a Place in Nevada







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