Discovery Quest

Discovery Quest

Discovery Quest is an oral question-of-the-month activity that allows students to learn public speaking skills and independent research skills.  Students should prepare to participate once a month. Each student is assigned a student number at the beginning of the year. Your child's student number corresponds with the order in which they will present each month. The schedule may need modification according to holidays and other school events.


If a student would like to give a presentation on a Current Event instead of a Discovery Quest, students may us a newspaper or the Internet to research an event that is currently happening in our world.

All students will now present on Wednesdays during our Writing block to ensure that everyone has enough time for their presentation. If your student will be absent on the day of their presentation, please know that they must present the day that they return to school.  Students who have not completed their research by their assigned date will see a reduction in their Writing Work Completed Score as well as their final score in Standard 7: Speaking Skills.

Feel free to come and watch your student’s presentation.

Thank you to Mrs. Renz  and Terry Decker of Oregon for the Discovery Quest questions and handouts.
The following is April's schedule: 

Student Numbers 20-26           May 12, 2010

Student Numbers 11-19          May 19, 2010

Student Numbers 1-10           May 26, 2010



1.  Discover a type of poetry that doesn't rhyme.  Show us how to write a haiku, cinquain, or diamante.  How about sharing limericks and showing how to write one?
2.  Warm weather also means accidents.  You should know some basic first aid in case of emergency.  Explain what someone your age can do in case of bleeding, choking, or if someone isn't breathing.  You might invite a guest speaker to help you! 
3.  Who are the state senators and state representatives for Elko County?  Are they Republican or Democrat?  Find out about one of them - - their family, jobs (normally), and views on things that are important to you.


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