Mystery State

Mr. Moose's Mystery Location


Mr. Moose would like to announce the newest way to increase your knowledge.

Mr. Moose will post new clues that will help you to discover the mystery state that he is visiting. Mr. Moose will give 5 clues for each state. Only your first guess will be counted toward being entered to win 20 Moose Bucks for each state. You may guess more than once, but it won't count for the weekly drawing. If Mr. Moose's Mystery Location is not solved, then I will roll the money over to the next state.

Mr. Moose's Mystery Location #3:

Clue #1 I just visited the only active diamond mine in the United States.

Clue #2  The state was named after a Native American tribe whose name means "south wind."

Clue #3  I just played the state instrument, the fiddle.

Clue #4 I am enjoying the Natural State.

Clue #5   

Mr. Moose's Mystery Location #1: Oklahoma

Mr. Moose's Mystery Location #2: Massachusetts

Mr. Moose's Mystery Location #3:



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