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When you want to go somewhere but you have to stay where you are... read a book!  Or, take a virtual field trip!!


  • NEW link! laugh ...   See all the live animal galleries at the St. Louis Aquarium!
    • (see if you can find the Spotted Eagle Ray...SO COOL!)
  • NEW link! laugh ...   Iheartchickens! See a family EGG FARM up close.
  • NEW link! laugh ...   Students compete building a crash test car!  STEAM LAB
  • Dry Tortugas National Park in Florida...  pretty cool to go on a scuba dive and see the coral reef up close!
  • The National Gallery, London...  Walk through this art gallery and see masterpieces in London, England.
  • Tour an APPLE ORCHARD and see the whole process of how apples are grown.  



  • We use lalilo in class for phonics practice at their own pace.  For use at home each child has their own link.  I would be glad to email it to you if you want it.  Just email me to let me know.  awyatt@sayre.k12.ok.us
  • BrainPopJr. has phonics along with ALL subjects including math objectives.



  • Author of Pete the Cat books will write you back if you write him a letter!  How GROOVY is that?!



  • Learn about Ecosystems and Food Chains at Reef Relief.


Some of our favorite BOOKS!!!

  • Actor Josh Gad (Olaf from the Frozen movies) is doing a nightly read aloud.