Xinyu Enameled Wire

With the development of power electronic technology, frequency control has been rapid development, the most attractive motor inverter is to save energy. These are hard to measure in%. Therefore, a wide range of frequency control speed application. And will gradually replace the DC speed control. With the rapid expansion of frequency conversion product applications, its service life has become increasingly prominent. Sometimes, the insulation life is only 1-2 years, sometimes only a few months the insulation is damaged. The most common insulation damage is caused by turn-to-turn short circuit, which is caused by many factors such as partial discharge (generating corona), local dielectric heating and space charge accumulation. Therefore, various measures to improve the life of the insulation system are proposed for possible reasons. The magnet wire in the insulation system is an important part. In recent years, the advanced industrial countries have carried out the research work on the new type of magnet wire.
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In recent years, the development of nanotechnology has created the conditions for the improvement and improvement of enameled wire used in inverter motors. It is not only beneficial to the production of lacquer but also to make the lacquered wire more excellent New features may be created that expand the application of enameled wire.

The face of foreign advanced technology, many domestic enterprises have also started, with foreign experience, the application of imported paint, the development of high-frequency motor with enameled wire. Relevant domestic research institutes, Shanghai Electric Institute and Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute also carried out research to varying degrees. Starting with the study of insulating varnish, they set up test bases and formulated relevant standards for wires and motors. Work is carried out in succession, and achieved some success.

Inverter wire enameled wire with domestic efforts through several years, has made great strides. However, due to the price and application range and other factors, it is still in the research and development stage. The development of enameled wire has yet to be applied in the field of expansion. For example, the market is very popular home appliances inverter air conditioner, inverter refrigerator, the development of rapid, but not already use the frequency conversion Enameled Wire is still unknown. But what is certain is that the high-power frequency conversion motors used in metallurgy, steel rolling, mining, railway, transportation and other industries have adopted or prepared the enameled wire for frequency conversion motor, and most of them are imported from abroad.